Hi there!

After months of contemplating here I am starting my own blog. I’ve been told by a couple of friends now that I should start one up. I don’t really think I’m that interesting but they seem to think so. So what’s my blog about…………….basically being Angela. I’ll be posting about what fashion items I’ve recently bought or my what I have my sights on. How my journey to the stage is going. Have my children turned me grey yet. What foods am I dreaming off. My travels of 2017. I love a good holiday.

I’m sat here pretty nervous as I don’t even know where to begin. Also will people find me interesting and will anyone actually read this. Are blogs like modern age diaries? I had a diary as a child, I cringe at the things I would write in it. How its was nice to be young and carefree. My biggest worry was would I be able to afford the new Morgan skirt I’ve set my eye on. Now I worry aboutย  the baby waking up to the night and poohs that take 20 baby wipes to clean up and how my eldest watched a you tube video then showed me how he learnt how to tea bag??? like wtf. He kept on squatting down and shouting tea bag tea bag. Are you meant to laugh, encourage or discipline in these situations. Was he meaning the tea bag I’m thinking of or is this a new dance move like the dab??! for the record he was watching home made lego movies. I’ll have to ask him tonight what he was referring to. Mornings are way too stressful and manic in my house for those kinds of conversations.


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