Woah we’re going to Cyprus……..woah back to the Island

Last week we flew out to the beautiful island of Cyprus. Luckily you can fly direct from Newcastle so it was only the 5 hour flight to battle. Ezra was actually a dream, yes he did enjoy getting up and wanting a wander but there was no tantrums or screaming battles. Elijah is always a joy to travel with well when he’s not asking if we’re there yet every 5 minutes. The transfer from Paphos airport to Coral Bay took about 40 minutes.


We decided to rent a villa so no check in queues for us. A villa is ideal when travelling with the little ones. Home from home. Villa Sulis  was ideal, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a private pool. Emma who co owns the villa was so helpful and only a text away with any issues we had. Our street was pretty quiet. Location was great as it was only a 5 minute stroll to the local bars and restaurants and another 5 minutes to the well stocked supermarket. They advertise it as a 10 minute walk to the beach but they’ve never had to drag and motivate a lazy 7 year old. Yeah he’s got little legs but I’ve seen a snail with more speed.



After our hectic first dinner out we decided to eat at our villa most nights. Ezra’s at the age where he constantly has ants in his pants so eating out with him is not a relaxing affair. The local supermarket had a fishmonger and butcher so we enjoyed steak, salmon, king prawns with fresh salads. I love cooking and I was two weeks post show so it was easier to make heathy choices and not have a blow out.


We did find a gem of a restaurant on the coast road. It was called Oniro By The Sea. The food was delicious and o m geeee the mango frozen daiquiri was just what I needed so sweet and refreshing. I had the home made Angus steak burger, I enjoyed it so much I inhaled another on our last day. Yep total burger gains. In round 2 of Angela vs Burger I didn’t eat all my wedges so I had room for the mango and passion fruit cheesecake. I’m not usually a cheese cake gal but it was the presentation that made me want to eat it. It did not disappoint and not ashamed to say that I didn’t offer to share it with my children. The vibe at this place was so relaxing and the staff were so hipster and chilled. I’d highly recommend a visit here even if its just for a cocktail and to take in the view.


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Family time

We spent our mornings by the pool……………actually we spent our mornings telling Elijah to stop doing cannonballs into the pool and just practice his swimming while Ezra spent his morning throwing everything in sight into the pool. After lunch we’d either pop out to the beach, go for a stroll or a little drive in the car. Late afternoon would be gin o clock then dinner on the terrace. Most nights we’d just lie around and watch movies. Back in the day I’d be on the ouzo until the early hours but hangovers in the heat with children do not mix.

Kitten watching cuddles




I did make it to a local gym 4 times during our visit. Jeeeez it was hard work training in the heat. The post work out pump though was insane. I was a she hulk. I can confirm that I don’t miss commercial gyms at all. Guys using the tampon cushion while lunging, bitch mitts everywhere, the bloke with the flips flops and the tool wearing sunglasses. Yeah you might be thinking that it was my holiday and I should have rested and enjoyed some time off but training is my therapy. It relaxes me and steps me up for the day.


I actually packed light well lightish. This season I’ve been obsessed with Zara. They just nail all the trends and its so affordable too and good quality. My favourite buys are my wrap dress and ribbed jumpsuit. My go to footwear were my Sophia Webster slides. These are last season so no link gusy. We had planned on evening meals on the strip so I did plan lots of other pretty outfits but due to Ezra being a tornado most meals were spent in my trusty shorts and cover up.



Closing thoughts

We’d definitely make another trip to Coral Bay one day. It such a lovely resort. The coastline is rich with coves and pretty little beaches. The weather was absolutely beautiful but I couldn’t see us visiting in July or August it’d just be way too hot. This place is well suited for families or even couples. Our next planned family trip is Thailand in December. Not like I’m counting down the weeks or anything

Just a couple more snaps to bore you with xxx

Paphos Zoo
Too cute not to share
My big boy is so handsome


Never stops smiling
Still likes a photo with his Mammy






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